Tucker Carlson says “Racial Arson” Obama is attempting to divide America by issuing an announcement on mass shootings

Mass shootings have unfortunately become a part of everyday life. You certainly were when Barack Obama was in office. And since Obama left office, the shootings have continued rapidly.

And with another shooting on Monday, Obama felt the need to weigh the situation up. Tucker Carlson says this is an attempt by Obama to divide the country.

Obama’s statement read in part: “We should be able to live our lives without wondering if the next trip outside of our home might be our last. We should. But in America we can’t. It is long gone for those in power to fight this gun violence epidemic. “

Angry Carlson had no end. The Fox presenter told his viewers:

White supremacy, that’s that Perpetrator, no matter what Color was the criminal. It doesn’t matter the criminal Color because it is systemic Racism and like carbon monoxide, It’s an invisible poison. This is suddenly very common View on the left. It is certainly Barack Obamas Position. More than any other contemporary The American leader is Barack Obama a racist arsonist. At most he shows up vulnerable moments to deepen Wounds that separate us. He sows hatred. Why would Barack Obama do this? “

Tucker Carlson has a big problem with Barack Obama, whom he calls “America’s chief racial arsonist,” who is making a statement about the Chicago shooting. pic.twitter.com/zYshQWKhJx

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) March 24, 2021

The Fox host continued: “Why is Barack Obama doing this? Well, it would take a psychiatrist to fully answer this question, although it is evident that deep loathing plays a role. It has to play a role. “

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