The sort of crushing defeat normally reserved for bowl video games – see additionally

Name-checked: The NCAA unanimously lost their case in the Supreme Court, but on the way there, Judge Gropey McKegstand pointed out that the “NCAA is not above the law,” which is true, but a strange statement. They are an athletic sanctions agency and we are a legal industry news source. Were people really confused?

Elevated: Oh, don’t worry, it still happens. McKool, MoFo, Sidley, S&C, Irell, Latham, Keker, Cahill, Weil, Covington, Choate and Clifford Chance. Kellogg Hansen and Desmarais even went a little over the starting grid.

Miss: Here are the companies that don’t yet match.

Respect Mah Authoritah: The prosecutor learns that the AR-15 couple don’t so much respect law and order, they respect shitting anyone who questions them.

Nice job if you can get it: If you become a political lightning rod, you no longer have to obey ethical rules. At least that’s the opinion of DC.

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