The morning studying for Friday June 18th


Each day of the week we select a short list of news articles, commentaries, and other notable links on the Supreme Court. To suggest an article for us to consider, email us at

Here is the Friday morning reading:

  • Roberts, Kavanaugh and Barrett have called the Supreme Court for the time being (Joan Biskupic, CNN)
  • Conservative postponement of the Supreme Court hits with moderate judgments (Greg Stohr, Bloomberg)
  • John Roberts has just conjured up his greatest judicial magic trick (Mark Joseph Stern, Slate)
  • The last ACA challenge was so weak even Conservative judges shot it down (Ilya Somin, The Washington Post)
  • Cheers to the Supreme Court for Religious Freedom (Editorial, The Wall Street Journal)
  • Two surprises in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia – A Unanimous Result and the Enduring Quality of the Principles of Free Exercise (Ira Lupu & Robert Tuttle, American Constitution Society)
  • Can Philly and LGBTQs Still Win? (Leslie Griffin, verdict)
  • Was there a double flip in the November meeting? (Josh Blackman, The Volokh Conspiracy)
  • California versus Texas, Fulton versus City of Philadelphia, and Nestlé versus Doe infographics (Mariam Morshedi, subscript)

The Morning Read for Friday June 18 first appeared on SCOTUSblog.

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