On the lookout for the following technology of authorized ops professionals

Given the high demand for legal operations experts, where should legal departments look for new hires? It’s no secret that legal departments are looking to expand their teams for legal operations, which have continued to grow strongly despite a pandemic that forced companies to quickly shift their priorities.

When demand hits new highs, where should the legal departments look for fantastic law firm recruits? Join Above the Law and SimpleLegal on March 17 at 1 p.m. ET for a discussion that examines where to find prospective legal staff and what characteristics to look for among the top candidates.

We will address:

  • Where do these attitudes come from?
  • What are the key competencies to look for in another field legal ops hire?
  • Are professionals in other areas considering switching to legal operations?
  • What is most attractive about legal operations to include?

Nathan Wenzel, Founder, SimpleLegal
Mary O’Carroll, Director of Operations, Technology and Strategy, Google Legal
Frances Pomposo, Director of Legal Operations, Labor Day

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