David Farenthold explains what sort of info Trump Org.COO can provide investigators

The New York investigators investigating the Trump Organization have expanded their investigation further. Allen Weisselberg, the company’s long-time CFO, has been in the crosshairs for months.

However, Weisselberg has reportedly been a reluctant witness against his boss. Now the investigators have their COO Matthew Calamari in their sights. According to a new report, Calamari and his son are advised to communicate.

During an appearance Monday night at Dateline’s White House, David Farenthold explained what this could mean for Trump. The Washington Post writer told Nicolle Wallace:

You are right it seems very similar to the Weißelberg Situation these people were not only compensates the salary, but apparently apartments. The key is what value the Calamaris may have to Prosecutors. He doesn’t play the same role in the company, the Weißelberg does. He works more like a COO as a calamari. Weißelberg does a lot Decisions. Calamari is a former bodyguard, he doesn’t care about the executive Decisions. So I’m not sure if it’s calamari could tell you that Donald Trump omade this or that decision Decision. That means it could be legal harass yourself and i am sure that he could offer something valuable Prosecutors. “

New York investigators are relentlessly looking for information about the Trump Organization. And the former president can get into serious trouble if nothing is left unturned.

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