Bake some scrumptious raises

Not a word from the butcher or candlestick, but these Baker Botts employees are excited to learn today that the company will join the biglaw salary flood with a DPW match (I’ll use this terminology in place of “full” to differentiate between companies that offer either $ 205,000 for the 21 class or $ 375,000 for the 12 class).

Baker Botts was one of the early adopters of COVID cuts, pulling salaries across the board in an effort to deal with the pandemic. It left a bitter aftertaste on many lawyer tipsters. But since 2020 has been an incredibly lucrative year for Biglaw, it’s good to see the firm reflect the good times.

Valid from July 1st and including a summer partnership. Under Biglaw’s standard practice, attorneys are placed in an “individually communicated” limbo. It is difficult to get information about lawyers as many companies may use it as a source when giving us their individual details. But it would be nice if after this round of raises people could share what they are doing in general so we can get the market to the point.

You can view the full memo here.

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