You are able to do customized exercises with Peloton’s new “stacked courses”

One of the main reasons Peloton has been so successful is because they take all the guesswork out of the equation. With the Peloton Bike +, the auto-follow function automatically adjusts the resistance and speed. The instructors program the workouts and bring the external motivation with them. The social media community and the system’s rankings improve accountability. All you have to do is put on enough moxie to get on the bike (or tread). But like any fitness company, Peloton is always looking for ways to tweak the experience and keep you growing. As such, they have just been introduced Stacked classes.

The function makes it easy to plan full-body workouts in advance. This is key for several reasons. It makes this transition a little less clunky, but it also decreases your chances of throwing in the towel and going to the shower. The longer you think about which strength class or yoga flow you need, the faster your endorphins will wane. The incentive to continue sweating or to cool down properly stops. However, if you add workouts to a queue, your chances of getting stuck with them are much higher as there is no downtime (other than taking off your bike shoes or grabbing your dumbbells, for example).

The benefits are enormous. If you’re usually just doing cardio, adding strength training for your lower, upper, or full body strengthens those underutilized muscles. Cross-training protects your body from injury, strengthens imbalances and makes you a healthier athlete. If you usually feel stiff after a tread or bike workout, a yoga flow can also greatly relax tight hip flexors or calves. Stretching and dynamic flows relieve tension and make muscles more supple, improve movement patterns and relieve pain. The Stacked Classes feature will undoubtedly help users create more balanced regimes based on their goals. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • If you want build musclesPrioritize strength. Start with a 45 minute full body strength or a 30 minute upper body strength stacked with a 15 minute recovery yoga or a 10 minute cool down ride.
  • If you want Increase endurancePrioritize running and / or cycling. Start with a 45-minute progression run or a 60-minute strength zone endurance ride stacked with a 10-minute calming meditation.
  • If you want Improve flexibility and mobility, prioritize yoga. Start with a focus flow like a 45 minute yoga flow: hamstrings stacked with a 20 minute power walk.

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