With a dwindling majority, Steney Hoyer needs Biden to cease nominating home demos for cupboard seats

There were many Democrats in the House of Representatives who helped Joe Biden win. And it’s tradition for some of these Congressmen to be rewarded with prominent cabinet seats.

Cedric Richmond (D-LA) was a key replacement and advisor to the Biden campaign. The president-elect has now referred to him as that Director of the Public Engagement Bureau of the White House.

Marcia Fudge (D-OH) has also been asked to become part of Biden’s administration. She has been appointed Head of Housing and Urban Development.

Despite Biden’s victory, it was a tough election season for Democrats. With the Fudge and Richmond nominations, the Democrats only have a 2-seat majority in the House.

Steney Hoyer, the House Democratic leader, would prefer Biden to look elsewhere for future cabinet members. He told reporters, “I am certainly concerned about the majority losing weight. I told the administration very early on that, given the proximity of our majority, I wanted to be very careful about the members they appointed by Congress. “

The Maryland Congressman continued: “We will be a very unified caucus, as we were at the previous Congress. As you probably know, many of our bills have been passed unanimously without losing any democratic votes. And in others we [lost] just a few. However, I think members will focus on how close the majority is now or in the future. “

Help will be on the way soon, however. Richmond and Fudge both serve in blue counties and there is a high likelihood that Democrats will be chosen in the next election there.

Todd Neikirk is a New Jersey-based policy and technology writer. His work has been featured on psfk.com, foxsports.com and hillreporter.com. He likes sports, politics, comics, and spends time with his family on the waterfront.

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