What are you able to anticipate from litigation funding?

This year, ATL, along with our friends at Lake Whillans, will be conducting our fifth annual litigation funding survey. Our surveys have told a consistent story over this period: the ever-growing growth in the practice of third party litigation funding.

Our 2020 results showed a significant increase in the scope and dynamism of the field’s development and adoption, with a significant majority of respondents – both in law firms and corporate legal departments – having first-hand experience of litigation funding. And these firsthand survey respondents almost agreed they would get litigation funding again.

But the last year has obviously been one like no other. With all the turmoil and uncertainty in a legal market driven by new needs and creative problem solving, what role will litigation funding play?

In the midst of these challenges, we ask practicing litigation attorneys and their internal colleagues to gain insight into broader industry trends as well as their perception of specific litigation finance companies.

Please take part in our short (as always) survey and tell us what drives the decision in favor of financing, how different the acceptance is between industries and categories of companies and other topics. Regardless of the extent of your litigation finance experience, we want to hear from you!

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