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Posted Wed Dec 16th 2020 10:00 am by James Romoser

The Supreme Court added three new cases to its Merits Record Wednesday morning and agreed to hear arguments in two consolidated cases where judges should decide whether colleges should be able to provide athletes with more compensation, as well as appeal dated Credit reporting giant TransUnion challenging a class action lawsuit against him.

In the meantime, the court’s unofficial coronavirus protocol remains busy. On Tuesday, the court issued two orders designed to increase religious organizations’ challenges to COVID-related congregation restrictions in Colorado and New Jersey. And the Trump administration came to court to renew its motion that the judges overturn a lower court ruling that allowed an abortion-inducing drug to be received in the mail – and not just in person at a doctor’s office, as required under a Federal regulation – during the pandemic. The Supreme Court refused to overturn the lower court’s decision in October, but the Trump administration filed a new brief report Tuesday arguing that the personal requirement should be reintroduced.

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