Watch 12-year-old Steve Roberson surf an XXL wave at Jaws in Hawaii

Last weekend, the Hawaiian Islands saw their largest surge in at least a decade. The peak of the swell has been dubbed “Super Swell Saturday” and that was no exaggeration. The waves were incredibly big and in offshore winds the results were clean but terrifying.

Even so, some of the world’s best surfers and watermen have chosen to put themselves to the ultimate test. While the usual suspects like Kai Lenny, Billy Kemper, and John John Florence scored some of the best waves of their lives, there was one young charger that caught some looks.

While most of the children were playing video games and watching TikToks, 12-year-old “baby” Steve Roberson was dragged into a mountain wave in Jaws (Pe’ahi). The wave would have had some dire consequences if Roberson had fallen, but luckily he managed to ride it like a champ. Check out the clip below.

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