Vital issues for contemporary doc administration

In the last ten years, the role of legal transactions has gained strategic importance due to the introduction of digital transformation. Lawyers have successfully used digital technologies to make corporate legal processes more efficient and innovative. Your efforts have played a critical role in guiding organizations through the disruptions and uncertainties associated with the Covid pandemic. As organizations look to the future, legal transactions will play an important role in achieving efficiency in the provision of legal services.

According to the Legal Department’s Annual Survey for 2020, the biggest challenge facing legal professionals right now is delivering measurable business value. The biggest challenge survey participants will face over the next three years is cutting costs and saving, or managing the budget. With this in mind, choosing technology partners who deliver what they promise and add value to the company has become even more important.

One of the most important legal technologies legal departments are investing in to improve efficiency, productivity, and security is document and email management. 37% of survey participants will evaluate or implement this solution for their internal teams in 2021. With so many competing priorities and options out there, it can be difficult to get started. Here are some questions legal persons should ask to ensure they are choosing the right document and email management solution for their internal teams.

Top questions when evaluating a DMS:

How does legal document management differ from business solutions?

Modern document management solutions meet the specific requirements for productivity, collaboration and security of lawyers. For example, legal DMS solutions organize information according to material, with metadata and security inheritance so that information can be appropriately marked.

Can your solution help me manage all of my emails as well as my documents?

A modern DMS should enable lawyers to manage their e-mails just as effectively as documents in the same folder structures and work areas. The solution should provide a single repository for all communications and documents related to a matter so that professionals can quickly find the information they need.

How does your DMS improve my ability to search documents?

Finding and applying the right information at the right time is vital for any lawyer. Modern document management includes more powerful search functions that save valuable time, use precedents more effectively and use information resources more efficiently.

Download a DMS checklist of 15 questions for legal operations here:

Clint Crosier is General Counsel and Data Protection Officer for iManage, a Chicago-based technology company that is transforming the way professionals do their jobs by combining the power of artificial intelligence with content and email management. Prior to joining iManage, he was a corporate attorney at Reed Smith, where he advised clients on transactional and general corporate matters. Clint can be reached at

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