Vacation Reward Information of belongings you really (actually) want

This holiday season is where you can find everything you need that you are sure to be put to good use.

The gift for everyone with a “New Home Gym”

You may have bought every new exercise bike, cauldron, and yoga mat, but this will be the most desirable tool in your home gym arsenal. With the MISSION® Original cooling cloth, even the most passionate user of a virtual fitness studio stays active longer. Made from soft, durable brushed microfiber, this towel cools instantly and stays cool for up to 2 hours. Machine washable and reusable, this gift could be your favorite. Available at Walmart, Home Depot and

The gift for the person who doesn’t stop

Frequent airport trips may have subsided, but that doesn’t stop those who always need to be somewhere. Make them safe and happy with the adjustable gaiter MISSION®. The innovative multi-layer design provides better coverage of the nose, mouth and chin and the adjustable drawstring makes for a customizable fit that was made for me. Plus, it’s reusable and machine washable so you can wear it and get started. Available at The Home Depot, Walmart and


The gift that will actually impress your boss

These cooling socks move between a sock VaporActive ™ heat dissipation technology that is not easy to master and have built-in cooling channels that offer even the hottest boss maximum airflow to dissipate heat and increase moisture evaporation. Since we’re not going to be virtual forever, they contain a formidable antimicrobial odor control agent that will never wash out. Yes, the whole office could even thank you. Available in pairs and 3 packs in two unisex sizes, SM / MD and LG / XL. Available from

Mission socks

The perfect gift for most fathers

There is not just one type of father. There are soccer dads, baseball dads, golf dads, hiking dads – to name a few. Imagine finding the only gift that fits most fathers. Well we did. The MISSION® Cooling Performance Hat protects dad from heat and sun and keeps him cool for up to 2 hours when activated with water. You can insert your favorite cool dads joke here. Available at Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Academy Sports,

The gift you want (and which you will give away too)

Kill two birds with one stone. Here is the gift you want to have and give this year. The new MISSION® Instant Cooling Fan is a portable personal air cooler that projects cool air at just 55 degrees. The double-walled chambers fit in any cup holder (exercise bike, stroller) and keep the three interlocking ice packs (included) frozen while the internal turbine fan projects cool air. Regardless of whether you are in the amusement park or at your desk during the day, the MISSION Instant Cooling Case ensures permanent cooling when it matters. Available at Walmart and

Mission fan

The gift you will be glad you gave to your child

Children can be hard to buy, and choosing the right gift for them can be more difficult than ever. Here’s one that you feel excited about when you’ve given it. MISSION® Youth Classic 6-in-1 gaiter is a multifunctional gaiter and offers children the option of using several layers. Just fold them up and make them 2 or even 3 layers thick. Also, there are more than 6 models that you can use to customize your look – neck seal, face covering, headband and more. You will love that it is machine washable, reusable, and protects you from the sun. You will love that it keeps dust, dirt and wind out and cools down for up to 2 hours when activated. Yes, you really chose it for the right gift this year. Available at Home Depot, Walmart, CVS,

Mission gaiter

The gift that will make you mom’s darling

A cool mom needs cool gifts. That’s why we love the MISSION® Cooling Bucket Hat. The wide brim and the UPF 50 fabric protect the face, ears and neck from harmful UV rays. Plus, it cools down instantly when activated with water, so you no longer have to worry about your long hikes or the long time in the garden – this hat will keep you cool for up to 2 hours. Imagine how much she will love. Available at Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe’s,

Mission hat

A legitimately cool gift to give to your friend

Show him that you’re getting his “sporty side” with a gift that says, “I’m okay with playing with your friends all day”. In addition to being comfortable, the MISSION® Adjustable Sport Mask is powered by VaporActive ™, a heat release technology that keeps you dry no matter how hot the game gets. Reusable, machine washable, with an individually adjustable strap, this could be the best gift you give him this year. Available from


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