Tucker Carlson says Wall Avenue, Silicon Valley and Washington DC have teamed as much as rig the election in opposition to Trump

Donald Trump has exhausted almost every strategy he had to reverse the November election results. Once his attempt on January 6th fails, there will be no more cards in his deck.

And while Trump may not have come to terms with leaving the White House just yet, most hosts on Fox News have. And the best way for them to deal with their loss is to assign blame.

For Tucker Carlson, the blame rests on pretty much every person or organization in power. The Fox host scolded long Monday night, accusing Wall Street, Silicon Valley and others of rigging the elections against Trump.

Carlson whined:

“Virtually every power center on earth has joined the cause. That included big business, Wall Street, the defense company, the pharmaceutical industry, the perennial bureaucracy in Washington, and most importantly, Silicon Valley. All of these centers of power worked tirelessly from the day Biden received the nomination through the first Tuesday in November to bypass voters and get Joe Biden into the White House. “

The Fox host continued, “Google changed its famous algorithm to remove traffic to websites that criticized Joe Biden. Facebook and Twitter have essentially done the same thing. If that doesn’t manipulate an election, that phrase has no meaning. “

Check out a clip of the following segment courtesy of the Fox News Network:

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