Trump to be charged with incitement to riot

A draft impeachment trial shows House Democrats are considering indicting Trump for inciting insurrection.

Here is the draft impeachment procedure:

JUST IN: 4-page draft of impeachment proceedings against President Trump, which MPs Raskin, Lieu and Cicilline want to present on Monday: “Incitement to insurrection”

– NBC News (@NBCNews) January 8, 2021

The impeachment article states that Trump deliberately and knowingly made statements that directly led to lawless acts in the Capitol. The draft article accuses Trump of seriously jeopardizing the institutions of the United States government. Trump is also accused of having shown that if he is allowed to stay in office, he will remain a threat to national security, democracy and the constitution.

Impeachment could be Trump’s slightest problem if prosecutors decide to criminally accuse him of instigating the riot that injured dozen and killed five.
Vice President Mike Pence received full and fair warnings that if Trump refused to invoke the 25th amendment, Trump would be charged again.

Pence failed to invoke the 25th Amendment, so House Democrats will once again take the opportunity to protect the nation from the threat posed by Donald Trump.

Trump will step down from office in even greater shame than it was four years ago. The House should indict and the Senate should condemn Trump to ensure he can never again endanger and kill another American by holding public office.

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