Trump proposes a name to Ukraine, which was the middle of the impeachment scandal and predicted “Biden Corruption”.

President Donald Trump was charged in part for encouraging the Ukrainian leadership to investigate President-elect Joe Biden for “political filth” that he might wield against his opponent. The president was finally acquitted earlier this year by the Senate, and he extolled the acquittal as a sign of his innocence on the matter, which he described without evidence as a democratic plan to overthrow his presidency.

Early in the morning, the president displayed the call that made “consideration” one of the oft-repeated sentences in the House impeachment investigation.

Now it turns out that my call to the President of Ukraine, whom many, including me, called “perfect”, was even better, “the president wrote.

I predicted the corruption in Biden and called the AG. Who Might Know About The Corruption During The Impeachment Fraud? ” he added.

Now it turns out that my call to the President of Ukraine, whom many, including me, called “perfect” was even better. I predicted Biden corruption, said to call the AG, who might know about the corruption during the impeachment fraud?

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 11, 2020

Critics railed against the president in response.

Thank you for reminding everyone that you were forever indicted over the worst phone call ever.

– Scott Dworkin (@funder) December 11, 2020

Says the guy who, once he’s out of office, will be forced to conduct multiple investigations in New York. OK!

Trump’s call to the President of Ukraine was not only less than “perfect” – it also led to his IMPEACHMENT.

– MURRAY???????????? (@murray_nyc) December 11, 2020

You just realize all of the things – you are an accused, soon to be, former president. It’s nice that you clarify that

– Angi Baber (@AngiDru) December 11, 2020

You were charged for this. You are a puppet for a hostile alien power.

– Luke Zaleski (@ZaleskiLuke) December 11, 2020

President Trump has continued to attack Biden since losing the 2020 presidential election. He has claimed the election was fraudulent, although there is no evidence to back it up.

He said that earlier this morning Biden’s administration “will be a scandal-ridden mess for years to come, ”read a tweet this morning claiming that“ it will be a lot easier for the United States Supreme Court to follow the Constitution and do that what everyone knows what needs to be done ”.

The president seemed to be indicating that the Supreme Court should turn the results of the 2020 election on its head. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court rejected an attempt by Pennsylvania Republicans to invalidate ballots cast for Biden in the state. There is no evidence that the Supreme Court will invalidate votes in states that have already confirmed their election results.

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