Trump does not deserve credit score for the COVID vaccine

The media and Republicans are trying to attribute the coronavirus vaccine to Trump, but the truth is that the vaccines were in development months before Operation Warp Speed.

The Associated Press debunked the lie that Trump deserved credit for developing the vaccine in November 2020:

Specifically, as part of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed ​​Initiative, Pfizer did not accept government funds to develop, test, or expand manufacturing capabilities to quickly find a vaccine and treatments for the disease that is gripping the country.

In fact, in March Pfizer partnered with the vaccine’s original developer, German BioNTech, and the following month announced the first human trial in Germany. The White House announced Operation Warp Speed ​​in May.

The vaccines were already in development before Trump launched Operation War Speed, which was also designed as a publicity stunt to help him get re-elected. Many in the mainstream media have fallen for Trump’s eardrums for the misrepresentation attributing the vaccine to him.

Operation Warp Speed ​​had its use, but it neither inspired nor developed vaccines.
Joe Biden doesn’t owe Trump a loan. Biden has already paid tribute to the medical professionals and scientists who developed the vaccine.

Donald Trump let Americans die needlessly through his negligence, denial, and misinformation about the pandemic. Trump killed Americans, and he cannot draw on Biden’s success in cleaning up his disaster.

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