Three jaw-dropping surf diversifications of “Tremendous Swell Saturday” in Hawaii

In case you haven’t heard, Hawaii was hit by massive waves this weekend. The biggest day was January 16, known as “Super Swell Saturday”. And there are good reasons for that, as these three surf clips show.

1. Jetski Mayhem on the North Shore Outer Reef

This monster set surprised everyone. Fast forward to 2:00 am to see the chaos unfold.

2. Tow surfing madness at Jaws

Female charger Justine Dupont got away with the keg of the day. Kai Lenny has raised the bar (once again) for high-performance big wave surfing. And a 12 year old rode a wave that would scare 99.99% of adult men. Watch every eight minutes, it’s well worth your time.

3. John John Florence’s Mega Barrel

JJF finally took the coveted Pipeline win last month and now he’s on a mission to find a bigger barrel. This outer reef bomb can only be described as ridiculous.

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