The very best males’s tank tops of summer season 2021

Hear that It is the sweet siren of summer that invites you to lose your sleeves. Airy tank tops are the greatest relief you can get on days when the mercury soars to air fryer status. And let’s face it, you probably can’t – and should – get away with showing off any more meat in a social setting unless you’re less than 30 yards from the beach or pool (in which case we recommend this stylish terry cloth Pieces)).

We’re wholeheartedly in favor of swapping a t-shirt for a tank top, even on warm summer nights, if you style it right. But we’re not talking about a neon-colored fitness tank top made of moisture-wicking functional fabrics or the sleeveless undershirt that you put on before bed. There are stylish tank tops out there, and we’re here to help you find them. But let’s take a second to mention the best part about wearing a sleeveless number: No. Pit. Stains.

It goes without saying that tank tops, just like t-shirts, come in a variety of fabrics, textures, and cuts such as A-shirts and muscle t-shirts. And as with a good T-shirt, the most important thing is the fit. You definitely don’t want a tank top that hugs your upper body like a second skin or one that contracts at your waist because it’s long as hell. Just dive back in time for inspiration when the bad boy swarms of old got the most out of their sleeveless shirts, like Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire and John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. But don’t get too caught up in the retro vibes. The tanks you want in your closet should fit loosely and come in solid colors or simple patterns that will keep your overall look streamlined and effortless. After all, don’t you want your biceps to do all the talking? We have seven excellent tank tops to help you with this.Jacques moving armor Image used with permission

1. Jacques motion tank

Founded by former tennis player Gregg Cohenca, this NYC brand knows a thing or two about sportswear. The Movement Tank can be carried on or next to the seats. It is an elegant piece of 4-way stretch nylon made in Switzerland with a mesh. To keep odors at bay, it has been treated with two innovative clothing coatings for odor control and heat regulation.


Got itTradewind Performance Tank with liningTradewind Performance Tank with lining Image used with permission

2. Mountain Tradewind Performance Tank Performance

Vuori touts the Tradewind Performance Tank as its most technical tank, but it goes beyond activewear thanks to a subtle breast pocket. Thoughtful details include flatlock seams that reduce chafing and a perforated construction for quick-drying properties.


Got itJungmaven tank topJungmaven tank top Image used with permission

3. Jungmaven tank top

We’re obsessed with Jungmaven’s clothing made from hemp, a sustainable, non-toxic fiber with natural antibacterial properties. Even better, every piece is made in America. The unisex tanks are made of half hemp, half organic cotton and have an exactly matching tail hem. The tanks with an athletic fit are available in 19 different colors.


Got itDries Van Noten jersey tank topDries Van Noten jersey tank top Image used with permission

4. Dries Van Noten jersey tank top

Although the Belgian fashion house Dries Van Noten is our top address for avant-garde men’s fashion, this sleeveless rib-knit tank top is the ultimate casual summer staple. There is also a super soft cotton jersey, a round neck collar and a loosely fitting structure. It goes perfectly with shorts, jeans or linen trousers.


Got itJ. Crew Garment-dyed Pocket Tank TopJ. Crew Garment-dyed Pocket Tank Top Image used with permission

5. J. Crew Garment-Dyed Pocket Tank

J. Crew responsibly sources cotton through the Better Cotton Initiative for its affordable pocket-sized tank top. We love the lived-in feel that comes from its casual fit and the textured slub cotton material that is piece dyed to reduce color fading when it comes out of the washer.


Got itTodd Snyder Striped tank topTodd Snyder Striped tank top Image used with permission

6. Todd Snyder striped tank top

With nautical-inspired feeder stripes, you’ll definitely want to rock this jersey tank the next time you sail or near the water. Wear it under an unbuttoned linen shirt for a more elegant look for evening plans on the town.


Got itJohn Elliott rugby tankJohn Elliott rugby tank Image used with permission

7. John Elliott rugby tank

California-born, CFDA Award-winning designer John Elliott is a master of sleek contemporary men’s fashion. His approach to sleeveless t-shirts is no exception. Made in the USA from recycled cotton, the Rugby Tank has a round neck collar and an oversized shape that falls over your torso with plenty of breathing room.


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