The perfect cordless battery powered electrical chainsaws

In the past few years, no one in the hardware store has accused you of driving past battery-operated chainsaws and reaching for a reliable gas standby. These early versions had anemic battery technology that wasn’t useful for much more than circumcision. They lacked the strength and running time to compete with a gas-powered chainsaw. However, this new breed offers better, more powerful batteries, smarter brushless motors that increase efficiency, and simple, quiet operation. All of this with almost zero maintenance – and no more pulling a pull – and it’s finally time to get rid of rumbling gas saws.

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Best for: Weekend Warrior

Milwaukee M18 fuel 16 inch chainsaw

How does this cordless chainsaw cut faster than a 40cc gas-powered chainsaw? The secret is Milwaukee’s Monster HD12.0 lithium-ion battery, which packs 12 ampere hours into a chunky 18 volt battery with a run time of 150 cuts through a 6 × 6 beam. The smart, brushless motor draws every part of the energy from the battery more efficiently than older, brushed buildings.

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Greenworks Hero chainsawCourtesy Image

Best for: budding arborists

Greenworks Pro 80v 18 inch cordless brush saw without brushes

If this chainsaw was a truck it would be an EV pickup – ready to go. The 18 inch pole can cut trees that are more than 2 feet wide. The class-leading 80 volt battery means even hardwoods aren’t a problem. Where most homeowner’s saws have plastic bucking spikes, the Greenworks has metal spikes to get a better bite on the logs as you swivel the saw through the cut.

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Stihl Pruner chainsawCourtesy Image

Suitable for: pruning (tree) limbs

Stihl GTA 26 battery secateurs

This is the tool every kid wants: a one-handed mini chainsaw with a 4-inch bar. Go into tight spots on a tree or shrub where a handsaw or pruning shears won’t work. The safety bar covering the chain keeps your hands free, but it also swings up and out of the way so you can cut through thicker material. The 10.8 volt battery runs for around 25 minutes, but the GTA 26 still offers many of the functions of the full-size Stihl saws: comfortable ergonomics and tool-free adjustment so that you can optimize the fit of the chain in next to no time.

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Oregon chainsawCourtesy Image

Suitable for: simple sharpening

Oregon Products CS300-R7

It only takes a few run-ins with the dirt under a log to blunt your saw’s chain. And a dull chain puts a strain on the engine and can lead to dangerous jerking. While chain sharpening is usually left to a professional, Oregon builds this maintenance into the saw. Pull back on a red tab to press a synthetic stone onto the chain that will sharpen the chain as the teeth rotate – and you’ll see sparks fly. The 40-volt, 6.0 A / h battery has enough juice to make more than 600 cuts in hardwood 2 to 3 inches in diameter.

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Dewalt PolesawCourtesy Image

Suitable for: overhead cutting

DeWalt 20 Volt Max XR cordless pole saw kit

Leave the ladder in the garage and head to the branches in the yard – or the branches hanging from your neighbor’s tree on your lawn – with this cordless pole saw’s 15 foot reach. The 8 inch long bar cuts through branches that are about 10 inches wide, and if scraps are hung in the tree the metal hook under the chain will help pull them down. The same 20 volt battery that runs the saw works in all other DeWalt tools.

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Ego Power chainsawCourtesy Image

Best for: Storm cleaning

Ego Power + 18 inch chainsaw

This 56 volt saw has many features that make it easy to use in daylight, such as: B. a tool-free chain adjustment and a 5.0A-hour battery that can withstand 300 cuts in 4 × 4 wood Adding an LED light comes in handy when clearing cut branches at night after a storm. In non-emergencies, you can cut trees 30 inches wide and watch this sucker fall in all its glory.

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