The Mayor of Miami says over 100 weapons have been discovered on spring breakers up to now

College students were pent up for the final year. And many of them are ready to celebrate. However, it was difficult for them to figure out where to celebrate.

However, Florida Mayor Ron DeSantis was quick to lift COVID restrictions in his state. So many spring breakers were quick to decide that Miami Beach would be a good place for them.

And so far this has caused a disaster in the city. Mayor Dan Gelber, a Democrat, has to put a 8 p.m. curfew in the city. But it didn’t do much good. The crowd is way too big and difficult, or the Miami police force, to contain it.

And, according to Gelber, all the people who come to town to party are not your average college student. There has already been one case where a girl died after being drugged in a robbery. The mayor says over 100 guns were found on night owls.

Miami Mayor Dan Gelber says more than 100 guns have been found on people traveling to town for spring break.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) March 23, 2021

Gelber told Fox News host Neil Cavuto:

We know where from those arrested they were out. One of the problems is Florida totally open. People come down here. The airfare is very cheap. There aren’t many others Goals open up like our city. So we get a huge one Swarm of people who come here. Among the people who learn to love the beaches and the big ones Restaurants – I sound like one Chamber of Commerce ad – but That includes people who come here Cause problems. Our license plate readers that We got to the cause, we did caught about 100 cannons in the Group. You usually get them from cars that has a warrant for her. The drivers have arrest warrants. People shouldn’t have a gun. So it was very worrying us. Our city tour has decided fast, as soon as we’ve seen this, we are I won’t hope we get through it or pray. We are going to do something People feel confident that they will can be safe in all parts of ours City including this part. “

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