The girlfriend of Invoice Gross presents a helpful perception into the psyche of an individual who’s with Invoice Gross

There is a question about the wide variety of legal disputes over the relationship between retired Bond King Bill Gross and his neighbor in Laguna Beach, California. I mean, sure, there are a lot of questions: what’s the point of putting a presumably expensive Dale Chihuly sculpture up in such a way that it irritates the person next door and needs a hideous net to protect them from the palm trees they have? put it under? Is Mark Towfiq really so obsessed with Gross that he installed surveillance cameras to keep an eye on his every move? Did Gross really expect this transparent trick to work? Why are people so rich? But none of them is the question:

Bill Gross has a girlfriend?

And this question naturally raises many other questions for Amy Schwartz, the 51-year-old former tennis professional who not only goes out with Gross, but lives with him: To know everything you need to know about Gross and how he treats his family and them Those who are close to him, know what he has done and said and written, have access to the voluminous public records of the man, his quirks and his ways, why? How, except as much vodka as necessary? What makes such a person tick?

Thanks to the ongoing process of the above dispute, we now know all we need to know to answer this question.

“‘Gilligan’s Island’, I love that song,” Schwartz said after one of Towfiq’s recordings was played. “But I already told you I was sleeping. It could have been a mistake that the playlist was overwritten … “

Schwartz was asked if she and Gross played the music in a loop – that is, if a song was played repeatedly.

“I don’t know how to work a loop,” she said.

When asked whether the music had started accidentally, Schwartz said: “I don’t control it.” Gross “controls the audio and television sets,” she said.

You don’t say that

Bill Gross’ friend denies making music for the neighbor [Bloomberg]

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