The chairman of the Normal Affiliation of Republican Legal professionals resigns over the group’s position within the pre-riot rally

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The last time we checked in to the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) and their Legal Department (RLDF), they were busy pedaling.

After the violent uprising in the Capitol, it was revealed that RLDF was a participating organization in the rally that preceded the violence and roused the crowd. In addition, they paid for robocalls that encouraged followers to attend the rally. RAGA’s executive director Adam Piper made a statement attempting to distance the organization from the uprising and deny any responsibility for the violence.

But it looks like these chickens came home to sleep.

As reported by NBC News, amid the controversy, Piper resigned from the organization, saying the Republican attorney general’s leadership was “the honor of a lifetime and frankly a dream.”

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall is the head of the RLDF (and also signed the failed election results lawsuit that encouraged the lie that Donald Trump was the 2020 election winner). His statement on Piper’s resignation praises the “intentions” behind RAGA’s actions:

“Every decision Adam made on behalf of RLDF was with the best of intentions and in the best interests of the organization,” said Steve Marshall, chairman of the board of the Rule of Law Defense Fund, in a statement.

I think it’s too much to ask for responsibility to be straightforward.

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