The BMW i4 is a brand new electrical automobile with 530 hp

In the not too distant future, the “ultimate driving machine” will be electric – at least that’s what BMW has planned. The German automaker has unveiled pictures and some key specifications for the BMW i4, a new electric car that combines the brand’s legendary sporty driving characteristics with a powerful electric drive. According to the company, the new model should go on sale this year.

The i4 complements BMW’s other all-electric model, the funky i3, which BMW markets as a sedan but which looks more like an oddly shaped hatchback. In contrast, the BMW i4 looks more like its gas-powered brethren, showing the sleek, flowing lines for which the company’s vehicles are known. BMW has released limited information about the four-door sedan, but early specs sound promising, especially for buyers interested in a high-performance electric vehicle. The i4 is offered in a variety of equipment options, including an M Performance version, a range of 300 miles and an electric motor with an output of up to 530 hp. BMW states that this is enough to get the car to 100 km / h in about four seconds.

The first BMW i4, really electric. # THEi4 @BMWi #BornElectric

– BMW (@BMW), March 17, 2021

The i4 compares favorably with similar electric vehicles from competing automakers. The Porsche Taycan 4s and the Audi e-tron GT both have 522 hp, reports Car & Driver, and the i4 beats them within reach. The i4, however, sways a bit against the premium Tesla Model S Plaid + – the Tesla offers a range of 412 miles. Overall, it’s a compelling addition to the EV market, especially since it comes from such a well-established brand.

Although the company has not announced a plan to make its range of products fully electric, the i4 is an integral part of BMW’s plan to produce more electric vehicles. According to Car & Driver, the automaker aims to generate 50 percent of its global annual sales with electric vehicles by 2025 and to bring 25 fully electric models to the road by 2023.

Prices for the i4 haven’t been announced yet, but stay tuned: BMW will be releasing more information on the car in the coming weeks.

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