Stats of the Week: A Rising Curiosity in Legislation College

The number of law school applicants for the 2021-22 academic year is on its way to its largest increase in decades, and top-class LSAT scores are multiplying. According to a report this week.

Applications for the 2021-22 academic year are currently more than 20% higher than last year, while this year’s law school hopefuls saw a huge surge in LSAT scores of 165 and more – with applicants in the highest level of 175-180 with an increase of 99%.

To explain these trends, experts cited potential driving factors as diverse as the shortened LSAT flex, a tough job market for college graduates, quarantine boredom, and generational idealism.

As Kellye Testy, president of the Law School Admission Council, said in the article:

I firmly believe that the visibility of the law as essential to assisting with the major societal problems we face – whether it is criminal justice, racial justice, government accountability or climate – is such a keen interest among young people insists on helping in these areas.

“A year like no other”: Top law schools are inundated with strong applicants []

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