Senate telephone strains flooded with 20,000 calls demanding Trump’s conviction

After the House tried Trump a second time, over 20,000 phone calls went to the Senate calling for Trump’s conviction.

In a statement to PoliticusUSA, the progressive advocacy group Stand Up America explained their efforts:

After yesterday’s bipartisan vote in the House of Representatives, in which Donald Trump was indicted for the second time, Stand Up America immediately mobilized its parishioners to pressure the Senators to vote for the conviction, dismissal and disqualification to remove him from federal office in the future . In the 17 hours immediately following the vote, members of the group telephoned their senators’ offices more than 20,000 times, reaching every single senator.

Prior to the impeachment vote in the House of Representatives, Stand Up America helped parishioners make more than 28,000 calls to the House of Representatives since last Friday, urging them to immediately vote for impeachment against Trump, including more than 10,000 calls to Republican lawmakers in the days Leading up to the vote this week.

20,000 phone calls from voters to their Senators in 17 hours are impressive, and just one indication of the heavy public pressure the Senate will be under to convict and disqualify Donald Trump from ever holding office again.

If Mitch McConnell carries out his support for impeachment, Trump could find it almost impossible to avoid conviction. The soon-to-be former President Trump always had fewer allies in the Senate than in the House of Representatives. People like Lindsey Graham will stand by Trump, but it is possible to see McConnell approaching the number of Republicans it will take to convict.

The American people shouldn’t forget what Trump did after Joe Biden took office. A strong public pressure campaign could be enough to convict and disqualify Trump.

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