Ryan Reynolds Broadcasts New Snapchat Present “Ryan Does not Know”

Unruly Ham and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is about to bring his stupidities and moans into a new Snapchat series called Ryan Doesn’t Know. In the 12-episode show, Reynolds learns – or at least tries – new skills from experts in various crafts. “You could fill a gym with things I don’t know,” Reynolds says in the recently dropped trailer. “Hoping to become a less boring husband and father, I meet with talented new artists to learn a little about a lot of new things.”

After some stupidity about how to properly record a video – not sideways after all … and since this is Snapchat, the show appears to appear vertically rather than horizontally – the self-anointed “learner” blows through part of the distance learning, which he will do with people in knowledge for various pursuits.

New assignments he’ll learn include things like ax throwing with Cliffton Creque, ice sculpture with Shintaro Okamoto, flower sculpture with Aurea Molaei, and lifting weights with Ulisses World (he may already know how to judge this from his many times). displayed superhero physique). Throw in a little sarcasm and silliness, along with trying to create nail art and creating visual effects, and the explanation that “whatever I do is going to suck,” and you have a pretty fun little show with a sociable sucker .

And who knows, you might even pick up a new hobby or pandemic passion.

The Snapchat show, which will be streamed on the app every other day starting Saturday January 30th, is co-produced by Will Smiths Westbrook Media.


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