Rudy Giuliani calls on Antifa to struggle towards him Mano-a-Mano

The Trumpland lawyers are wild today. And of course every day, but today is something special. Check out Rudy Giuliani marching on stage to a rousing chorus of “Macho Man” and then admonishing his followers to “fight” to keep Trump in power.

“Let’s try a fight,” he yelled in the middle of a chatter about “crooked Dominion machines”. And maybe he was just talking about an election challenge, although it’s an interesting twist when he reaches out to a bunch of armed rioters who want to storm Congress to make sure their husband stays in power. (As we were typing, the same protesters at Congress broke through the security barrier and forced the evacuation of the cannon building.)

Here is Guiliani’s pal John Eastman, Trump’s multiple election challenges attorney and author of the infamous editorial claiming Kamala Harris is ineligible to run for president because birthright is false news and makes nonsensical allegations that election workers are elected manufacturing voices in Georgia.

“They unloaded the ballots from that secret folder, matched them – matched them with that unelected voter, and voila, we got enough votes to barely get over the finish line,” he claimed before realizing his bizarre pet theory admitted that the vice president can unilaterally reject presidential elections and elect a president.

“All we ask of Mike Pence is one o’clock this afternoon. He has had state law investigate this so that we can get to the bottom of this, so that the American people will know whether we are in control of the direction of our government or not. “

Spoiler Alert: No.

Meanwhile, Louie Gohmert, a former judge in his home state of Texas, has challenged his losses in both the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas and the Fifth Circuit in an attempt to take out the Biden voters. Just three days later – hours before Congress met to certify voters – he calls on Justice Alito to come forward and tell Mike Pence to turn down certified voters in favor of a bunch of crazy cosplayers.

And while we’re talking about Wacko, see whose signature is on this appeal.

Krakens! As inevitable as the tide. Although a storm is brewing in the north, Detroit city lawyers have filed Rule 11 sanctions against Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, who “initiated the immediate lawsuit for improper purposes, including molesting the city and frivolously undermining people’s beliefs in” the city of Detroit’s democratic process and their confidence in our government. ‘”

Here is a selection passage:

The complaint contains so many objectively false allegations that it is not possible to address all of them in a single pleading. This letter covers some of the more extreme examples.

For example, the plaintiffs claim that their self-appointed experts include a military intelligence analyst, but when they inadvertently disclosed his name it became known that the “expert” had dropped out of military intelligence training. The plaintiffs’ attorney did not edit the information to “protect” the “informant” but rather to hide their fraud in court.

Plaintiffs’ “expert reports” contain numerous false statements about Michigan law and electoral processes. These reports lack the simplest basis for technical expertise, they do not even use basic statistical methods, and they come to conclusions that have no convincing value. But these unscientific conclusions, based on false premises and faulty techniques, are presented here as if they embodied the undisputed truth.

The city is urging the court to look into several unpleasant consequences for the plaintiffs and their attorneys, including “fines imposed on the plaintiffs and their attorney at an amount that the court deems sufficient to prevent future wrongdoing,” and is forcing the Plaintiffs to deposit a bond and prove to a judge that their claims are not frivolous before filing a lawsuit in the eastern district of Michigan, barring lawyers from exercising their rights in the district, and “Refer all plaintiffs attorney to the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission []and also to the disciplinary authorities of their home courts. “

But Lin Wood is not deterred.

MUST LIST BEFORE Congress meets today:

1. Mike Pence @vp @Mike_Pence has to resign and will then be charged with TREASON.

2. Rod Rosenstein @RodRosenstein must be arrested and charged with involvement in murder and treason.

3. Chief Justice John Roberts must resign.

– Lin Wood (@LLinWood) January 6, 2021

And then he joined the crowd of protesters, some of whom have now stormed the Capitol and forced Congress to lock down.

Who does a lawyer here have to threaten to be disfellowshipped these days?


Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore, where she writes on law and politics.

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