Roberts won’t lead the impeachment proceedings


By Amy Howe

at 7.15 p.m.

When the Senate impeachment process of former President Donald Trump begins next month, a familiar face from Trump’s first impeachment will be absent: Chief Justice John Roberts. Instead, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Who is temporarily serving as President of the Senate, will lead the process.

As Frank Bowman explained in an article for SCOTUSblog ahead of Trump’s first impeachment trial last year, the constitution requires the Chief Justice to lead an impeachment trial for the president. But Trump, indicted on Jan. 13 for his role in inciting the January 6 riot in the U.S. Capitol that killed five people, including a Capitol police officer, is no longer the president.

In a statement released Monday, Leahy wrote that the president has “pro tempore presided over impeachment proceedings against non-presidents in the Senate in the past”. Leahy promised to uphold his “constitutional and sworn commitments to conduct the process fairly”.

The Supreme Court did not comment on Roberts’ absence from the second impeachment trial.

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