Rep. Tom Reed Charged with Sexual Misconduct as GOP Crime Rises

Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) has been charged with sexual misconduct as the Republican Party’s crime wave grows from coast to coast.

Lobbyist Nicolette Davis told the Washington Post her story:

“A drunken congressman rubs my back,” she wrote to a friend and colleague at Aflac that evening in 2017 and later added: “HELP HELP.”

Reed, his hand outside her blouse, fumbled briefly on her bra before squeezing the clasp to loosen it, Davis told The Post. He put his hand on her thigh and pushed himself up, she said.

Frozen in fear, she said, she asked the person on her right for help. He forced himself by pulling the congressman off the table and out of the restaurant, Davis said.

On Thursday, a former Republican state senator in Florida was arrested for a crime for bribing bogus candidates to mislead voters. The Kansas Senate majority leader was arrested and jailed for multiple offenses related to a DUI.

Rep. Reed actually considered challenging Andrew Cuomo in New York, despite being accused of sexual misconduct.

The discussion about the daily activities of Republicans across the country is turning more and more to reporting a crime extinguisher. The GOP is led by a man who may face charges of bank and tax fraud in New York, but the rotten caused by Trump appears to be spreading across the Republican Party.

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