Religion teams amongst these calling for Trump’s impeachment after the US Capitol occupation

(RNS) – Religious groups, immigration activists and democratic organizations issued a statement on Wednesday night (Jan. 6) calling for the impeachment, removal and prosecution of President Donald Trump after a crowd of his supporters forcibly occupy the U.S. Capitol would have.

“Every moment he stays in office is a serious threat to our country,” the statement said.

The hour-long occupation began after Trump repeated unsubstantiated claims of election fraud against protesters he invited to Washington. Many then stormed to the Capitol, pushed through barriers, and climbed the building after Trump urged them to go there while lawmakers debated voting.

The rampage resulted in the deaths of four people, including a woman shot dead by the US Capitol Police and three others who died in “medical emergencies” according to The Associated Press. Law enforcement and Trump supporters used chemical irritants during the occupation before they were evacuated on Wednesday night, police said.

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Hours later, Congress returned to the building and officially confirmed Joe Biden’s election victory.

Faith groups pushing for Trump’s impeachment include: Faith for Black Lives, Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice, Black Lives of Unified Universalism, Movement in Faith and Transformation Network.

Other organizations are RAICES, Progressive Democrats of America, and DemCast USA.

In the statement, the groups also said that members of Congress who joined Trump to instigate a violent coup attempt (Wednesdays) based on unsubstantiated, demonstrable lies must be held accountable through reprimand, expulsion or other means.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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