Regulation agency blows up two new rap movies

When Edelson PC created Edelson Creative as a platform for “producing and hosting creative content created by the company and its artistic partners,” we expected some entertaining content to come from the high profile, iconoclastic claimant company. But with the pandemic and an election and a coup and two impeachments since we first wrote about the Creative, it’s been a while since we checked in.

This morning the company released two new videos to brighten your day. First up is a Hamilton parody (technically a Broadway piece but it counts as a rap video) that opposes Biglaw’s recruitment of narrative and reminds applicants that high-performing boutiques really do top-notch work and better Experience. And it’s animated, and as anyone on Legaltech week this week knows from our discussion of Hamm’s beer (the show goes in many directions), I’m a sucker for animation.

Don’t have time to listen? I have reproduced the lyrics here.

The second offer is a more traditional rap video by Ari Scharg, whose video started our coverage of Edelson Creative in 2019. He’s back, and while the spirit is different from the animated short, this ode to the company touches on a lot of related topics: Edelson is the place to go if you want to get into high stakes, impactful litigation, and recruits to avoid Biglaw and join the plaintiff. Page.

Again, I have full texts here, but here’s a preview:

I write raps at night when I need to relax.
I’m aiming for lawyers on the other side
From the room, from the courtyard, from the street, from the V,
What I mean if you are not PC with Edelson
Then you don’t bleed the same color as me
And you’ll see how we treat parasitic lawyers.
Setup 1-2-3,
Knock her down with this MC
If we plan our attack, I doubt you’ll be ready, ayyyee

When we see the light of day at the end of the pandemic, you’ll find more Edelson Creative content in the New Year!

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