Recognized son of a Brooklyn decide storming the Capitol

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Some images from this week’s armed uprising are indelibly engraved in our collective unconscious. How can someone forget a rioter stealing a podium? Or an insurgent lounging in Nancy Pelosi’s office? Or Trump supporters climbing the walls of the Capitol? Or a Confederate flag displayed in the Capitol halls? And of course, several fur-clad rioters proudly pose for pictures and give interviews.

One of the fur enthusiasts who interviewed the New York Post identified himself as Aaron from Brooklyn. You can see the whole thing below, complete with animal skins, a bulletproof vest, “found” police gear, and loads of disproved conspiracy theories.

Like so many who rode to the high of their privilege and showed their faces out there, Aaron was identified. He is Aaron Mostofsky and, according to Gothamist, his father is the New York Supreme Court Justice Shlomo Mostofsky:

The man’s father is Shlomo Mostofsky, a well-known modern Orthodox figure in Brooklyn and a past president of the National Council of Young Israel. He was elected to the Kings County Supreme Court last January, with the support of the Brooklyn Democratic Party.

Aaron and his father did not publish a statement about the uprising. But Aaron’s brother Nachman Mostofsky – the vice president of the South Brooklyn Conservative Club and an elected district manager of Brooklyn – was not so circumspect. He also attended events in Washington, DC on Wednesday but said he left before anyone entered the Capitol and that he defended his brother’s actions and downplayed the violence of the uprising:

“My brother didn’t do anything illegal,” Nachman told Gothamist. “He was definitely not part of the uprising.” When asked how he ended up in the Capitol, Nachman said his brother was “pushed into”.

“You are full of shit. You are a dishonest person. My brother left as an American citizen, ”Nachman continued. “You find me one [Black Lives Matter] Riot or an antifa riot from the summer that didn’t do much more damage. “

Acting Attorney General Jeffery Rosen sees the uprising very differently from Nachman Mostofsky. He said the Justice Department was working to identify the participants in the uprising:

“The Justice Department is working to ensure that those responsible for this attack on our government and the rule of law bear the full consequences of their lawful actions,” wrote Rosen.

Not a word yet whether Aaron Mostofsky will be charged with crimes.

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