Rand Paul was involved about soliciting votes from

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) Reached out to Fox News this morning to express concern that soliciting votes from “traditionally non-voters” will change the outcome of the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff.

The segment began with Fox host Maria Bartiromo, who spread long-debunked conspiracy theories about voting in the state. Bartiromo claimed, among other things, that there were “more ballots than voters” in the state, which tilted President-elect Biden. This was the first time since 1992 that Georgia had voted for a Democrat. (A Reuters fact check shows this claim is false.)

Paul claimed to have heard of “1,700 people who voted twice” and said Georgian Foreign Secretary Brad Raffensperger “should prosecute each of them and prevent them from doing it again”. However, his statement is misleading. However, the votes he refers to were not cast in November the runoff elections in Georgia in June and August included people who had requested postal votes and voted in person. At the time Raffensperger made an announcement about these double votes, he said they “did not affect any of the results”.

The most dubious claim made by Paul, however, came when he suggested that requests encouraging people to vote would cause him “great concern because if”They request votes from normally non-voters. [that] They will influence and change the outcome. “

The Senator suggested that increased voter turnout would allow Democrats to control all three branches of government “and not for the better”.

You can see Paul’s performance in the video below.

Rand Paul complains about how Georgia was allegedly stolen – “but probably most importantly” that absentee ballots are sent out for the Senate runoff.

“I am very, very concerned that if you get votes from normally non-voters, you will influence and change the outcome.” pic.twitter.com/J1TPaN02Us

– Eric Kleefeld (@EricKleefeld), December 17, 2020

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