QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene left the ground of the home as a result of she refused to put on a masks

Two Republicans of the house, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, had to leave the floor of the house because they were not wearing masks.

Jake Sherman tweeted:

Two new Republicans – including @mtgreenee – are informed by House staff that they need to put on their masks. As of now, they seem to be telling the ground crew that they won’t put it on.

Taylor Greene leaves the floor with the other R who tried to identify himself

– Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) January 3, 2021

The dispute involved a screaming match between Republican and Democratic staff:

Now the Republiacn and Democratic staff are on the ground in a screaming match.

So this congress is going great

– Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) January 3, 2021

Trump has frenzied Republicans in the House with his conspiracy theories and false claims of electoral fraud, and one shouldn’t expect them to calm down after the electoral college results were confirmed on Wednesday.

The scene on the floor of the house didn’t just happen because Taylor Greene is a crazy QAnon fan. It happened because Trump’s electoral charade destroyed all traces of respect for the institutions that remained in the Republican Party.

It is common knowledge that Trump Republicans don’t care about public health and safety. For almost a year, their behavior has been evidence of this fact, but Trump is leaving the GOP even more radically than when he took office, and scenes like this are among the first in the new Congress, but will not be the last.

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