Professional-Trump prayer assembly filled with requires a “miracle”, claims of “agitators” within the Capitol

(RNS) – An online pro-Trump prayer meeting was defiant on Wednesday evening (Jan. 6), despite President Donald Trump’s evangelical and charismatic supporters admitting the chances of the election being overturned were slim.

Since the election, the leaders of Global Prayer for the Integrity of the US Election have organized 30 calls to prayer filled with allegations of electoral fraud and fervent prayers for the president.

With Congress supposed to confirm the vote in the electoral college, organizers admitted that there were few legal options left to oppose President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Rev. Jim Garlow, the former pastor of Skyline Church, a mega-church in San Diego, said the nation was in crisis after a turbulent day in the nation’s capital.

“This is a critical day,” said Garlow, saying Wednesday might be as memorable as September 11th.

“I would like to report that this news is still in,” he said. “Jesus is still on the throne.”

Rev. Mario Bramnick of New Wine Ministries Church in Cooper City, Fla., Said supporters of the president are like the people of Israel trapped “between the Egyptians and the Red Sea.”

Even if God didn’t save them, He said, “We won’t bow to the spirit of the world.”

Former US Republican Representative Michele Bachmann told those who answered the prayer call that she had been to the Capitol when it was stormed by a crowd of Trump supporters. She believed conservative Christian members of Congress had turned against the president.

“The members I dated tonight are angry with President Trump,” she said. “You are telling the wrong story.”

Bachmann claimed that “paid agitators” stormed the US Capitol and said it was all part of a “coup”.

“Don’t think for a minute that these were nasty, naughty, ridiculous, sneaky Trump people,” she said. “You didn’t see that today. These were paid to agitators. Paid to put together a coup. “

The call came as members of Congress gathered in the Capitol to continue their joint session and review the results of the voting in the electoral college. This joint session was interrupted when the mob stormed the building.

Bachmann said Conservative Congressmen were deceived into believing Trump’s supporters formed the mob that stormed the Capitol. She said it was certain that the senators who had promised to object to the election would step down.

“That’s fine,” said Christian radio host Eric Metaxas. “God has a plan.”

Metaxas then began a prayer filled with allegations that the Georgia Senate elections were fraudulent and accused “Marxists” of the DC mob incident on Wednesday.

“We need to be aware of the tactics of the enemy who will do anything to win because there are no values ​​but power,” he said.

Even so, he prayed that God would use America “for your purposes, Father God”.

Metaxas also prayed that leaders who do not love America and who do not have the courage to be removed from Congress. And he asked God to see that those who had promised to object to the votes of electoral college from multiple states would not back down.

Still, he admitted that he and other supporters do not know how the vote in Congress would turn out.

“We pray anyway, Your will be done.”

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