Pope proclaims household yr, provides recommendation on the right way to preserve peace

ROME (AP) – Pope Francis proclaimed an upcoming year dedicated to the family on Sunday when he redoubled one of his papal priorities and rediscovered his controversial document on family life in 2016.

Francis announced that the coming year for the family would begin on March 19, the fifth anniversary of his document “The Joy of Love”. Among other things, the document opened the door to divorced and civilly remarried couples to receive communion, sparking criticism and even claims of heresy by conservative Catholics.

Francis wrote the document after summoning bishops from around the world to discuss how the Catholic Church can better serve families. While divorce and remarriage dominated the headlines during successive synods, the discussion also focused on serving gay people and other “non-traditional” families.

Francis made the comments during his Sunday lunchtime blessing delivered from his studio to prevent people from gathering in St. Peter’s Square as part of the Vatican’s anti-virus precautions.

When Francis made the announcement, he gave kind papal advice to the disputed families, reminding them to say “forgive, thank you, and excuse” and never end the day without peace.

“Because the Cold War is dangerous the day after,” he quipped.

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