One of the best pillow for each sleeping place

Your pillow has a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. Going to bed with the wrong bed can cause back and neck pain. If you keep readjusting your pillow, your sleep cycle will definitely suffer. To reduce the throwing and twisting, upgrade your pillows first.

To choose the best pillow for your needs, you need to consider materials and strength. Down pillows, usually made from duck and goose feathers, are popular for their light weight and durability (they last for years and can be reused). They are also very malleable. Materials like latex and memory foam are generally firmer (although softer options are also available). Down is great if you like a more forgiving pillow, while latex and memory foam provide more support for your neck when you sleep on your side or on your back.

No matter what your preferences are, there is a pillow that will make you feel comfortable. Here we’ve rounded up some of the best pillows for every type of sleeper.

Brooklinen down pillows Courtesy Image

Brooklinen down pillows

Brooklinens down pillows is one of the trend brand’s most popular options and lives up to the hype. It’s filled with a soft layer of feathers and fluffy down and comes in three different levels of support, from plush (good for stomach sleepers) to firm (for side sleepers).


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Buffy Cloud pillowBuffy Cloud pillow Courtesy Image

Buffy Cloud pillow

Buffy’s cloud pillow combines sustainability and comfort: it is filled with air-blown fiber made from 100 percent recycled plastic and the cover is made of eucalyptus lyocell fabric. And like the Brooklinen pillow above, it’s also available in three different firmness levels.


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Luuna pillowLuuna adjustable pillow Courtesy Image

Luuna adjustable pillow

Throw and turn, rejoice: the adjustable Luuna cushion is here. The crushed high-density memory foam filling is durable and does not clump together. You can even add or remove fillings to get just the feel you want.


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Beckham pillowBeckham Hotel Collection Pillow Courtesy Image

Beckham Hotel Collection Pillow

Can’t you handle down? This pillow uses allergy-friendly, gel-filled fiber that maintains its shape to provide maximum support for a variety of sleeping positions.


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purple harmony pillowPurple harmony pillow Courtesy Image

Purple harmony pillow

The hypoallergenic latex core material in this pillow provides strong support for your neck and is a great choice if you tend to sleep hot. The air channels in the latex core and the hexagonal mesh surrounding it ensure maximum airflow so you stay cool. The moisture-wicking cover ensures that the pillow feels fresh all night.


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Coyuchi Turiya organic latex pillowCoyuchi Turiya organic latex pillow Courtesy Image

Coyuchi Turiya organic latex pillow

The Turiya organic latex pillow consists of pure natural latex. The Swiss cheese-like design relieves pain and makes you feel good. A cutout on one side of the pillow cradles your head to encourage proper spine alignment, and two large holes relieve pressure points when you sleep on your side. Ventilation holes throughout the pillow ensure you stay cool too.


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Puredown goose feather down pillowsPuredown goose feather down pillows Courtesy Image

Puredown goose feather down pillows

This best-selling down pillow has a classic design that offers full neck and shoulder support, and the double-layer cover prevents annoying stinging of the feathers.


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