Now we have our first match on the brand new Biglaw pay scale

Well well well. It didn’t take long.

Today, Milbank reaffirmed its dominance over the biglaw compensation market by giving all employees a raise and raising compensation to $ 200,000 in the first year – a threshold long hoped for in the industry. As exciting as that initial announcement was, the real question was how quickly the rest of the market would keep up (or, if we dared hope, exceed the standard set by Milbank).

Now we have our answer.

McDermott confirmed that they would match the Milbank scale. This means that the salaries of employees in the company will soon be as follows:

Class salary
2020 $ 200,000

2019 $ 210,000

2018 $ 230,000

2017 $ 270,000

2016 $ 295,000

2015 $ 320,000

2014 $ 340,000

2013 $ 355,000

Remember, this is in addition to any special bonuses that the company has customized, as well as year-end bonuses. That’s a pretty nifty payday, pandemic or not.

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