Norton Rose Fulbright, which offers a partial refund to its workers, could possibly make extra funds if workers preserve billing

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Megafirm Norton Rose Fulbright had already made a number of cuts related to COVID-19 in April. And more than just the wage cuts that hit the industry in the early days of the pandemic, they also laid off employees. And those who survived saw a 15 percent pay cut for those who made more than $ 50,000. Then, in September, they reversed those cuts and brought salaries back to pre-pandemic levels.

In a company-wide email, the management committee announced that the company is giving people some payback – about 55 percent of any reduction. Then they dropped this line: “In addition, the company is considering an additional payment for the first part of the new year. However, this additional payment is contingent on the company closing heavily at the end of the year. “

While the company’s intent may have been benevolent, it reads as an “absurd” threat to some tipsters. Ironically, a source remarked, “Nice to see the company using our own salary as the carrot that leads to the New Year.”

Here is the full email from the company:

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