New York Courtroom worker arrested after allegedly threatening to return to the Capitol to “butcher” elected officers

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It’s been two weeks since the attempted coup in Washington, DC, and both lawyers and lawmakers were identified as members of the mob that broke into the U.S. Capitol. An in-house attorney lost his job, a lawmaker resigned after being charged with a crime, and a lone practitioner was arrested.

Today we have news of a lawyer accused of allegedly threatening the murder of government officials and suggesting that his supporters “return to the US Capitol when all the senators and many officials are back” to to slaughter “. She.

Meet Brendan Hunt, Assistant Court Analyst in the Attorney Registration Department of the New York State Office of Court Administration. Hunt, who works with X-Ray Ultra on YouTube, is the son of retired Queens Family Court judge John M. Hunt. Hunt was recently arrested after allegedly posting a video on YouTube on Jan. 8 of various violent threats.

The New York Law Journal has some additional details:

In the January 8 video, Hunt allegedly suggested that President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration was “probably the best time to do so,” according to a transcript of the video released in a court case.

The video was allegedly created after Hunt made violent threats on social media posts in December, according to his arrest warrant. The warrant does not state that Hunt traveled to Washington DC on January 6th when a mob stormed the Capitol Building.

Hunt has been suspended from his job without pay “pending further administrative action,” and is being arrested while awaiting trial.

“Our democracy depends on the lawmakers who bear the responsibility of the government,” said incumbent US attorney Seth DuCharme. “With the alleged threat to assassinate and intimidate elected officials, Hunt strikes at the core of our government.” DuCharme said his office will “prosecute offenders such as the accused to the fullest extent of the law.” If convicted, Hunt faces up to 10 years in prison.

New York court clerk, son of a retired judge accused of threatening to return to the Capitol and kill government officials [New York Law Journal]

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