Morning report 02.10.21 | Above the legislation

(Image via Getty)

* A woman appears to be considering legal action against the manufacturer of Gorilla Glue after allegedly damaging her hair from using the product. I’m not sure the claims will “stay” … [Fox News]

* Alan Dershowitz added his own voice to the chorus of commentators who believe Donald Trump’s impeachment attorneys did not do a good job on the first day of the impeachment trial. [Yahoo News]

* An animal rights attorney is accused of hiring a killer to kill her ex-husband and girlfriend. [New York Daily News]

* The Senate has set a hearing date to advance Merrick Garland’s appointment as Attorney General of the United States. [Hill]

* The union that represents artists disguising themselves as Disney characters faces legal challenges. It would be interesting to see these union members step onto a picket line … [ABC News]

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