Morning report: 01.11.20 | Above the legislation

The U.S. Capitol (photo by David Lat).

* A Georgia attorney who allegedly attended the Capitol riot last week claims the rioters are like “tourists”. Don’t think any of them were on a guided tour … [New York Post]

* Musician Nicki Minaj has lost a defamation lawsuit filed by artist Tracy Chapman for music that Minaj allegedly misused by Chapman. [NPR]

* Ginni Thomas, wife of the Supreme Court Clarence Thomas, is in hot water for allegedly assisting people involved in the riot at the Capitol last week. [Yahoo News]

* Pornhub’s parent company is facing a class action lawsuit over illegal videos allegedly posted on the site. [New York Post]

* A Florida attorney was found guilty of alleged misconduct and replying to an email from the bar saying “[d]Ear assholes. “In defense of the attorney, he reportedly ended the email with”[h]I wish you a very happy new year “… before you”[d]ick heads [sic]. ” [Orlando Sentinel]

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