Morning report: 01.06.21 | Above the legislation

(Photo by Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images)

* Kim Kardashian reportedly hired an all-star attorney to divorce Kanye West. Too bad, this could have been her first case as a lawyer and some might call her a gold digger … [Page Six]

* President Trump tries to dismiss a fraud suit filed by his niece. [Reuters]

* Over 1,000 law graduates have recently become attorneys through emergency licensing programs without taking a bar exam. [Bloomberg Law]

* A Yale Law School attorney who lost an election to Josh Hawley has urged the Senator to accept the results of the latest presidential election. [Yahoo News]

* Michael Jordan received US $ 46,000 in damages from a Chinese company that allegedly used a word that means “Jordan” for branded products. Jeeze, Jordan is a great name, I wish it was worth more money … [CBS Sports]

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