Morning doc: 12.14.20 | Above the regulation

Seems like a perfectly docile pet.

* Dwight Howard is being sued after allegedly stiffening two women who were tending to his snake collection. Presumably they claim he is a “snake in the grass” … [New York Post]

* An El Paso attorney who died of COVID-19 still won her election for a local judicial office. [KSAT]

* Simon Cowell is considering legal action against an e-bike manufacturer after allegedly being in an accident. [Page Six]

* Andrew Cuomo, current New York governor and candidate for attorney general for Joe Biden, faces charges of sexual harassment. [New York Times]

* A disbarrassed attorney charged with shooting seven police officers argues over whether a recipient should be appointed to oversee his property. [Rochester First]

* A lawyer faces possible discipline for allegedly claiming that a female judge is prejudiced against a woman in a divorce case. According to this logic, wouldn’t a male judge be supposedly prejudiced for the husband? [Daily Business Review]

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