Morning doc: 03/23/21 | Above the legislation

* A new lawsuit alleges marijuana was mixed with Whole Foods salads and shipped interstate to aid another weed company. Gives the term “devil’s salad” a new meaning … [Crain’s Chicago Business]

* A former doctor was sentenced to prison for attempted murder of a California attorney. [Mercury News]

* A judge has upheld a class action lawsuit against Apple over allegations that MacBook keyboards were defective. I hope participants read the terms and conditions. [Verge]

* Biglaw employees seem nice compared to some analysts at Goldman Sachs. [Law and More]

* Another attorney is leaving the former NXIVM leader’s criminal defense team. [ABC News]

* Read this article on Who Owns the Moon. Guess Finder Keeper, Loser Weepers do not apply to space law … [Yahoo News]

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