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Posted on Monday, Jan 11th 2021 at 9:20 am by James Romoser

The Supreme Court has a busy week ahead of it. The judges return from Monday at 10 a.m. with Pham v. Guzman Chavez returned to the virtual bench to negotiate verbally. The issue here is whether certain non-citizens who are facing deportation are eligible for bond hearings while claiming they are not eligible for a certain distance from the country. You can find our case preview here. Ahead of the dispute over Guzman Chavez, the court is expected to publish further orders from its private conference at 9:30 a.m. last week – after reviewing no fewer than 14 cases on Friday evening. This Thursday, the court is expected to publish one or more statements in disputes. And the federal government plans to execute three people on death row this week, meaning the court will likely have to rule on last-minute appeals related to those executions.

Here is a recap of the Supreme Court news and commentary from across the web:

  • With the Democrats ready to take over Washington, Breyer is again faced with calls for retirement from the Supreme Court (Robert Barnes, The Washington Post).
  • US Supreme Court Seeks Schools Can Discipline Students for Internet Talk (Mark Walsh, Education Week)
  • Ginni Thomas, wife of Clarence, cheered the rally that turned into the Capitol uprising (Mark Joseph Stern, Slate)
  • A Simple Retrospective Case Made Difficult – Part III, Teagues Phantom Exception (Kent Scheidegger, Crime & Consequences)
  • The Circus Comes For The Courts (John Grove, Law & Liberty)
  • Pham vs Guzman Chavez preview (Noah Welch and Chris Mao, Cornell Legal Information Institute)

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