Miller Excessive Life debuts champagne bottle and connected glasses

In the dark nights of an ongoing pandemic, a shining light appears.

Well, two glowing lights – embedded in the high-tech coasters for a pair of champagne glasses from the intoxicating minds of Miller High Life.

Recognizing this socially distant holiday season will involve lots of tipsy video calls, the second glass arriving pre-packed; The idea is that you pass it on to your toasting partner of choice.

These so-called holiday coupes – a French-style champagne-style coupé, not a two-door fastback with a plastic rim on the radiator grille – are of course WiFi-enabled. When both drinkers raise their glasses, the coasters glow festively.

An alternative is to keep both glasses to yourself and to go twice to safety in the event of a power failure while on vacation.

Miller High Life

And what could financially stressed Americans – with limited budget for vacation parties – put in these glasses? Fortunately, when the price of real champagne feels unrealistic, Miller is there for you with their latest 750ml high life champagne bottle.

With red foil on the neck, it looks like real champagne. It pours like real champagne. And it tastes like vacation savings. A 750 ml bottle of High Life champagne costs $ 3.49.

Available now (December 15), the champagne glasses cost $ 19.03 while on vacation, a pre-tax nod to the year High Life was released.

What if you add an estimated sales tax of 7.25 percent? The grand total is $ 20.40 – hopefully not a prediction for the year America will finally go back to normal.

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