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Some good news, here in California at least, amid all the grief and turmoil across the country: The July or October California bar exam results are out, and the pass rate is 60.7%, its highest in 12 years. In the face of all the distractions, the distance exam showed that nearly a third of test takers (and what happens to it?) Had claims of “cheating” that they could succeed under pressure and stress, useful skills for responding to At the end of the day an ex parte is due, along with several other briefs. That happens more often than you might think.

The prosecution is also reviewing tentative licensing for law graduates through 2015. There are several options that trustees can consider. The good news, however, is that the bar is listening to the recommendations of the preliminary licensing working group, which in turn has listened to the deans of law school and others who have called for the group to be expanded to be eligible for preliminary licensing.

We lawyers have a bad rap … the perception is that we are kidding the little boys while we are collecting big bucks from corporate clients. While this may in some ways be true, the rap that attorneys who attend incite, encourage, incite (get an idea?) Obtained from last week’s Capitol mayhem is deserved and doesn’t go far enough. Does anyone know Edward Munch’s famous painting “The Scream”? I think a lot of people are probably feeling that way right now.

Updates on what happened at the Capitol last week continue to be shocking: Molotov cocktails, weapons caches, pipe bombs, little sign of intent for peaceful protest. While there wasn’t a single lawyer in the crowd who stormed the Capitol, there is the concept of “aiding and abetting.” Five are dead, including a Capitol policeman who was killed by a fire extinguisher hit on the head by one of the so-called patriots. How does this act of murder fit into the framework of “law and order”? Neither in my book nor in any other book that has a touch of decency, integrity, and humanity. This horrific murder by an alleged “patriot” didn’t have to happen. Taking responsibility? What do you think? Don’t wrap yourself in the flag. The federal death penalty remains, and that death can justify its use.

Involved lawyers? Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Rudy Giuliani (also known as “America’s Mayor” nearly 20 years ago) Lin Wood, the Republican attorney general, whose executive director had the grace to resign.

The list goes on and on, and don’t forget that John Eastman, a full-time law professor at Chapman University in Orange County, stood by Rudy Giuliani’s side when he admonished the crowd, which then turned into a mob. Eastman has decided to withdraw from Chapman with immediate effect.

The back pedaling of some people in DC reminds me of the famous line about Ginger Rogers (Google). She was Fred Astaire’s (Google him) dance partner in many films of the 1930s. She followed his lead, but she was the one who danced backwards in high heels. This picture fits today’s news. Back pedaling, also known as dancing backwards, seems to be the exercise.

I am disgusted with everyone and every other lawyer who thought this alleged coup in the banana republic was a good idea, and I am ashamed that they can practice as well as I do. Do the professional rules have any meaning at all?

I do have friends who were Trumpers and we never discuss politics for that reason (and yes, I still want to consider them friends as I hope they will eventually find that their support is out of place at best I hope they think that storming the Capitol was a bad idea, even for die-hard conservatives. Patriotism seems to have different definitions these days.

A lack of evidence that the election was stolen did not stop them. Yet another legal lesson not learned. Have these attorneys produced evidence, compulsory law school? Do you understand the concept of facts in order to lay a “foundation”? Apparently not, but courts across the country, even those appointed by Trump, believed these appointments owed him allegiance. This country is not a mafia-run fiefdom. We pledge to be loyal to the country, not the president. Remember Bill Barr.

The words of attorney Joseph Welch, who represented the Army at the Army-McCarthy hearing in 1954, sound just as true today as they did then, and for those of you with a blank look, read your American story. It’s time. Which asked the venomous, reputation-damaging Wisconsin bullying Senator Joseph McCarthy, who claimed communists were in the army (remember, these were the Red Fear Days): “You finally have no sense of decency, sir? ? Have you left no decency “Watch the entire three and a half minute video. It’s educational. Parallels to today? What do you think?

Let’s hope we can get through the next week in what counts for courtesy and respect for democracy and our nation as a republic. We are all exhausted, but we cannot let go of our watch for a minute. The specter of domestic terrorism requires constant vigilance. We don’t have to do less. I hope for a peaceful change of power, as the founders intended.

Jill Switzer has been an active member of the State Bar of California for over 40 years. She remembers working as a lawyer in a friendlier time. She had a varied legal career, including as a deputy public prosecutor, as a solo practice and as leading in-house gigs. She now teaches all day what gives her the opportunity to see dinosaurs, millennials, and the people in between – it’s not always bourgeois. You can reach them by email at

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