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McConnell pulls the identical rip-off on Biden that he used on Obama, however the Democrats ignore him

Republicans claim they want bipartisanism and unity in the COVID package without proposing anything, and Democrats are not falling for it.

Washington Post’s Greg Sargent noted that Democrats have seen this game before:

What is the Republican Plan? There is no. Who should Democrats negotiate with? About what exactly? Let’s get on my nerves and suggest that Republicans want to keep things that way for as long as possible. They want the public debate to unfold in a place where they can’t say what they are for – that is, not say what they’re willing to admit Democrats to – while attacking Democrats for not being ready enough admit to them.


Understanding that voters judge Democrats on the scale of their accomplishments, rather than whether they are achieving bipartisan collaboration for their own sake, suggests that the Democrats have learned the lessons of 2009-2010.

The Senate Republicans want to hold back and slow the economic recovery for as long as possible. They shout about bipartisanism and unity but never propose anything. It is impossible to negotiate when one side refuses to say what it wants and spends all of its time objecting to the other side’s proposal.

The Senate Republicans are pulling from the same game book they used against President Obama, but this is no longer 2009. Democrats know how this game works, so they won’t waste time building bipartisan bridges that Mitch McConnell will burn down .

It’s the same scam.

The Republican Party has no ideas. Four years of Trump’s presidency as agendaless and watching Republicans surrender any government claim in Congress confirmed that the GOP as a party has only one answer, and that is no.

Democrats have learned their lesson, and if the economy is even better than it was when Trump was president, Biden and his party will reap the political rewards while Republicans stand in the cold.

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